Freedown Food started life in 1993, on a field in the Russell family farm in Dorset.

Our founder Danny had grown tired of the finance sector in London so set upon selling his brothers Venison.

In a bit to extend his product range, Danny started to import Kangaroo and Crocodile in 1995, with the aim to build and develop the exotic meat market in the UK.

Shortly after, our MD joined the company. John Bengue, the partner of Danny's younger sister came to lend a hand doing food shows and to just help out.

Disenchanted with the City, this arrangement is now in its 21st year!


The company went from strength to strength, after briefly supplying one of the main supermarkets with Kangaroo, they then decided to bite the bullet and move to London.

By this point they not only sold Exotic Meat, but had also started to sell a stunning range of indigenous Australian herbs and spices, along with oils, vinegar's and mushrooms. 

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Early 2000's saw a change for Freedown,
they decided to become a supplier of speciality foods for restaurants.

Not just meat, but anything! Fish through to Pasta was imported in and sold right out again.

This didn't last very long, and soon they were going back to their roots -

Exceptional Meat, Outstanding Taste. 

2008 was a cementing of change for Freedown,
deciding to be a dedicated meat company specialising in
Exceptional Meat with Outstanding Taste. 


Becoming the largest supplier of Wagyu Beef in the UK,
the other main products included US Grain Finished Beef,
Iberico Pork and becoming the sole importer of Duke of Berkshire Pork.
Along with the exotic meats. 

The company now employs over 20 highly skilled,
exceptional people who continue to promote the
Freedown Food brand.

Iberico Bone in Rack PORIBRACZ5.jpeg

Exceptional meat

Supplying only the most exceptional meats means we have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure we consistently provide only the most outstanding meat with exceptional flavour.

This means we have the ability to say no, thus enhancing our brand and what we stand for.

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Outstanding people

Our mission is to provide a customer service experience that matches our exceptionally high quality meat.

Our sales staff have indepth knowledge of all our produce and are always encouraged to maintain honest and open communication with customers.