Take your taste buds on an exotic adventure with
plump, juicy crocodile meat.

We’ve sourced the finest premium crocodile meat so that you can discover why meat connoisseurs have put their lives on the line for crocodile meat for thousands of years.

Crocodile meat has sometimes been compared to chicken but most find the taste akin to crab.

White crocodile meat has a more subtle flavour than
most types of seafood so it’s ideal for gourmet diners who aren’t seafood fans.



Kangaroo meat was the staple meat in Australia up until the introduction of sheep and cattle. 
It was relaunched as a consumer product in 1993 and is again being widely eaten, not only in Australia but also in Switzerland, Germany and the Far East amongst other countries. 
There were three main reasons for the relaunch. 
Firstly, with a population in excess of 30 million, kangaroos have had to be culled to control numbers for many years. 
It made sense to maximize the return from this natural resource.  Secondly, tests on the meat revealed that it is very low in saturated fats and cholesterol and very high in iron and protein.  When substituted for other meats under controlled diet circumstances, improvements have been shown in the overall health of people fighting against obesity, maturity-onset diabetes and coronary disease, and to such a
beneficial effect that it is now endorsed by the
Australian National Heart Foundation. 
Finally, not only is the meat easy to cook and very versatile, but also it is very tender and quite delicious.



All our Zebra meat is sourced from South Africa.
The zebra are farmed but not in the way we understand farming.  South African antelope and zebra are game meat types, which originate from animals living on huge game farm reserves, varying in size from 5.000 to 25.000 hectares in
an unspoiled nature.
The farms are fenced off and relatively free of natural predators.  The culling of zebra is a result of overstocking of the game farms reserves and the number culled are worked out in order to maintain a healthy balanced herd.

Zebra meat is in color and texture comparable to the big antelopes (kudu, blue, wildebeest, hartebeest, gemsbok/oryx, …). Surprisingly, zebra does not taste like horse meat at all
but more like veal.

Zebra 2.JPG


Ostrich Meat is recommended as part of a well balanced diet and allows the meat lover the pleasure of a delicious fillet or steak, in the full knowledge that it is, in fact, a great choice!
Ostrich meat is the best choice for the weight conscious consumer because it is naturally low in fat and rich in protein. This, as well as the iron content of ostrich meat, will greatly benefit people with an active lifestyle.
The fact that the iron is biologically available also makes ostrich an ideal protein source for people with anemia.
Ostrich meat contributes towards a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.


Wild Boar

We supply both Australian & European wild boar,
culled from wild animals.
Coming from opposite sides of the world their diets are unsurprisingly different  with the European  wild boar freely foraging over open pasture and woodland, feeding on acorns, roots and saplings. 
The Australian animals feed in the outback which tends to produce a sparser diet, supplemented by forays into
farmer’s cereal crops. 
This is maybe the reason why the Australian wild boar is marginally a lighter meat in texture, color and flavor than its European counterpart which has classic
European wild boar characteristics. 
Wild Boar are in plentiful supply on both continents
and are rifle shot.
Full, robust pork flavour in a firm textured meat

Wild Boar Neck.jpg


Recent trials have shown that farm venison
has only about half the fat and cholesterol of most red meats and its intramuscular fat has a better polyunsaturated ratio.
Farm venison is also higher in protein (33.5 %), and iron (three times more iron than lamb - this is why venison is a naturally darker meat), and contains important trace elements such as phosphorus, and vitamins including B12. 
The liver can be safely enjoyed since the animal's diet does not contain added vitamin A or unhealthy chemicals.
Farm venison contains only 207 calories per 100 grams

Venison stripoin.jpg


Few experiences can compare to the delight of
tucking into a succulent gourmet burger!
The rich, juicy texture of our burgers will redefine
the way you think of luxury burgers.
We only use the finest meat to bring you a
taste sensation like no other.
We keep the seasoning to a bare minimum to allow you to experience the true meaty taste.


Foie Gras

Indulge in a touch of luxury with foie gras.
No fine food aficionado’s larder would be complete without our supremely rich and buttery foie gras!
The premium quality means that it’s perfect for creating exceptional foie gras recipes including foie gras terrine.
Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or impress guests at dinner parties, our foie grass is guaranteed to please.

Foie Gras close.jpg