Duke of Berkshire Pork

Being the sole importer of
Duke of Berkshire Pork,
a rare breed of Berkshire pig
descended from
Queen Victoria's own prized boar.

The meat is succulent and more flavourful than
standard pork with a stronger piggy flavour, 
the way pork used to taste!


Iberico Pork

Earning its reputation as the "Wagyu of Pork".

The Iberian pig is an animal with
dark skin, short hair, thin snout and paws and long.
It has a genetic trait that allows it to store fat in their muscle tissue and that is the key to its distinctive texture and juicy meat.

The Acorn regime that matches the intake of fresh herbs and aromatic plants, protein supplement that adds a gentle scent to their meat and there is no doubt the irreplaceable
raw material to achieve the best meat.

castilla y leon.jpg

Castilla y Leon

The white fatty pigs are, born, raised and slaughtered in Spain, at specifically authorised Farms from Castilla y Leon.

These pigs come from females and males of the
Landrace, Larwhite and Duroc breeds.

The diet consists of 70% grain, which gives them a specific quality and flavour to the meat.


Segovian Certified Suckling Pigs

These Pigs are raised on just 40-odd farms in Segovia province certified to rear authentic Segovian suckling pig.

The farms, typically passed from father and grandfather, adhere to the ā€œMarca'sā€ exacting stipulations that the sows be fed only cereals and that the piglets are fed only mothers' milk.

The meat becomes unbelievably tender, so succulent that it literally falls off the bone.

The crackling is supreme, and the gentle creaminess of the meat is an experience to remember.