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Exceptional Meat


The Freedown Food Company

We are a well-established source importer of exceptional meats with outstanding taste.
We supply restaurants, wholesalers, caterers, processors across London and Nationally and export to over a dozen countries on a daily basis. 


Our range of meats represents the finest taste from around the world.

We are the No.1 UK distributors of

Japanese Wagyu, F1 Wagyu and Duke of Berkshire Pork (Kurobuta)
and supply many other exceptional meats from around the world including
US Grain Finished Beef, Lamb, Alternative game meats and our home produced Brongain Beef

We are proud to be partners with the best producers in the world and distribute their world beating meat.

ITO Ham. The biggest Japanese Wagyu Producer, whose source cattle won the Japanese Wagyu Olympics.

AACo, The Australian Agriculture Company. The oldest business in Australia and one of the largest producer of F1 Wagyu Beef.

Danis. World leaders in Berkshire provenancy with the largest herd of Berkshire Pigs in Europe.



The legendary Wagyu beef is arguable the very best beef in the world.
The meat from these extraordinary breeds of cattle is heavily marbled with fat, giving it a luxurious and unctuous flavour and texture. An exceptional taste sensation and an experience not to be missed by any gourmet food lover. 



Beef is tender, juicy and beautifully marbled.
The cattle are fed on a mixture of grass and grain making the beef sweet and succulent
with a noticeable improvement in marbling throughout the muscle.



Importing several different brands of exceptional Pork
has given us scope to provide our customers with the best quality of meat they need. 


We've built a strong reputation
amongst our customers for providing excellent customer service which is why Michelin starred restaurants and Gastropubs alike continue to order from us year after year.


Supplying over 400 Restaurants & Wholesalers

across the UK and mainland Europe with

Exceptional Meat